Michael Ross: Solo Exhibition

Artist Micheal Ross’ solo exhibition – which includes drawings, paintings, collage, and textile sculptures – serves as a summary of his work from the early 1990s to the present; his practice is influenced by his roots in Mississippi and time living in San Francisco, California.

Ross’ work frequently pictures abstracted, anthropomorphic houses. The artist has worked with this particular iconography over three decades as a way to investigate a shared and individual site of emotional refuge, memory, and the black male figure.

The exhibition is the first-ever of Ross’ work in the twin-states since his return to Mississippi.

The solo exhibition will be installed until Friday, December 18, 2020.

Want a tour? Call 205.392.2005 or email info@colemanarts.org. We will be maintaining social distance during visits. Masks are required and must be used properly. We have hand sanitizing stations. A limit of two guests in our Altman Riddick Gallery.

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